Enterprise now offering online options for paying bills


ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Beginning in October, Enterprise residents have a more convenient way to pay their water bills and do other city business without ever leaving their homes.

WDHN found one of the state’s fastest-growing mid-size cities is undergoing infrastructure, and technology changes requiring less travel time:

Enterprise City Administrator, Jonathan Tullos, says the citizen self-service provides streamlined access to municipal services through a customized website. Pay water and other city bills online and take care of other city businesses without burning three-dollar-a-gallon gas by driving to city hall.

The same internet-driven system is being used by the city of Auburn.

“We think this will be a convenient thing, but also make businesses hopefully more successful and not spending as much time coming down to city hall and have to take care of things that might disrupt their business,” Tullos said.

The 2020 Census indicates that enterprise is one of the fastest-growing mid-size cities in the state of Alabama. And the city is trying to keep up as far as infrastructure is concerned.

Enterprise is in the process of upgrading its water well and tower adjacent to near the Boll Weevil Circle and Highway 167 north intersection. The infrastructure was initially put in place in 1961.

“This is due to the high demand of water on that side of town,” Enterprise Public Water Works, Alana Mahan said. “The growth not only today but for future growth. We have a lot of large subdivisions being built, so demand will continue to go up, we also are re-drilling a well on Highway 167 north.”

The water well projects on the Boll Weevil Circle and another system on Highway 167 North are expected to be completed in about a year from now.

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