ENTERPRISE, Ala.– “My team came today to compete in this quiz bowl tournament, we’re having a lot of fun,” said Bubba Nelson, Holmes County High School.

The Enterprise State Community College held its sixth annual quiz bowl tournament for area high schools Friday morning.

“The competition has been really really fierce all morning,” said Kathy Pattie, sponsor of the scholars bowl.

28 teams from 17 schools from Dothan, Daleville, Enterprise, Pike and Holmes Counties, are just some of those present for the event.

“We have teams from as far away as Tallahassee in Florida all the way up to Montgomery,” said Pattie.

The groups complete multiple rounds of 20 questions on all different topics.

“We’re answering very difficult questions,” said Nelson.

“About World History, U.S. History is a big one, and Literature,” said Henry Haken, Enterprise High School.

“After somebody answers one question out of the twenty, we have three bonuses afterwards, which is three extra questions,” said Gavin Wriston, moderator.

At the end of all rounds the team with the most points is the winner.

“What I like about this is that it’s a way for me to show what I have been gifted with and what I enjoy which is working towards education and i get to gather with people who enjoy that also. And competition is always fun,” said Haken.

The ESCC will soon host another quiz bowl for the community to take part in, with the date to be determined in the near future.