People, programs, facilities and communities has been the focus of Enterprise State Community College since 1963. The college has been recognized by as Alabama top community college for 2017. 

ESCC was ranked on things like retention and graduation rate and their availability for online programs. 

“It’s really just a testament to our faculty and our staff,” dean of students Olivier Charles said. “We got a dynamic team here and great leadership and that’s really what we think propelled us to this number one ranking.”

ESCC aviation program also contributed to the college top ranking. 

“We train mechanics, A and P mechanics and avianomics technicians as well,” Charles said. “Students that graduate from that facility get wonderful jobs all across the nation.”

Students feel that the college is well deserving of this honor and are excited to be students at Alabama’s top community college. 

“Here as a student it definitely makes me feel that I made the right choice choosing the correct college to start out with and i think it’s a great thing for ESCC,” ESCC student William Lindgren said. 

Charles says that ESCC is looking toward the future and wants to be a college that serves the community. 

“Offering classes here for displaced workers, self defense classes all of these things that people want to take in the evening and even ballroom dancing if they would like it so anything that we can offer for our community we want to do as well.