Eufaula Municipal Airport approaching the end of renovation project


EUFAULA, Ala. (WDHN) — The Eufaula Municipal Airport is getting a makeover after it was impacted by severe weather last year.

“A tornado coming from west and hit our airport or actually our hangars dead center and wiped out all of our hangars and also our fire station over here and doing that it also took out 22 airplanes.

Hangars are generally important to rural airports like Weedon Field as they provide a sum of revenue for the airport. It has been quite a long recovering process for the airport but it will pay off as the renovation will consist of 20 tee hangers and two corporate hangers to house aircraft. Also, the airport was awarded a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to pave all of the airport aprons.

Recently, the airport added some new land as well.

According to Mayor Tibbs, the renovation will cost just under five million dollars when its all said and done. He says having a nice airport is a huge asset anywhere but especially for the city of Eufaula.

“We just have a lot of visitors to fly in here to hunt or to visit folks. It’s amazing to see how many people have airplanes and come to our city. This is a pretty busy airport I’m surprised we don’t see any planes here normally there will be some military planes from Fort Rucker they land and eat lunch. The airport restaurant over there is a big draw for these pilots so,” Mayor Tibbs said.

Mayor Tibbs says the new additions at the airport will be able to sustain high winds and it’s expected to be completed in two weeks.

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