DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Normally, people are waiting to buy and sell their homes during the Spring and Summer months, however, cities such as Rehobeth, Wicksburg, Headland, and other areas in the Wiregrass are growing and that means that more people are looking to buy homes.

“So there are many areas around Dothan that if you can get something on the market and price it to sell and it’s in good condition, people are ready to move in,” President and Owner of Property Champions Real Estate, Stephen Holland said.

In a little more than a week, Fall will officially begin and besides the changing colors of leaves, students are hard at work in the classroom.

In just two months, the Christmas holiday season will get underway, and the pandemic has created a market for those looking to buy or sell a house.

“We are really still stuck in a hot market. Demand is still there, and when I say that it is down traditionally in a sense, but this pandemic world really has affected everything around us,” Holland said.

With record low-interest rates earlier this year, it was truly a seller’s market.

Holland says real estate is beginning to stabilize.

“So if you’re looking to sell, take advantage of that year-over-year price increase of homes because you may have much more equity than you think you have,” Holland said.

Then for those looking to buy a home, Holland says to take advantage of the historically low-interest rates, but there has also been a rise in private sellers during the pandemic.

“And I would encourage those private sellers to reach out to a real estate professional and a realtor to help them get that sold because the demand is there,” said Holland.

The demand is still there to buy or sell a home, and Holland says that the demand will hopefully stay through the remainder of this year.