David Harrison, the attorney who is representing Coley McCraney, held a press conference Wednesday morning.  

Morning anchor Tonya Pruitt was there and has reaction from Coley McCraney’s family.

We’re here at the Dale County Courthouse where a press conference was held Wednesday morning. During the conference, we heard from David Harrison, the attorney who is representing the suspect Coley McCraney in this double murder case from nearly 20 years ago. We also heard from Coley McCraney’s wife, Jeanette. 

His wife described her husband as a family man and multiple times proclaimed his innocence. 

Jeanette McCraney, wife of Coley McCraney, said, “I would like to say that what he’s being accused of is a horrible crime. However, everyone who knows my man of God, knows that this is only a test and this is just a challenge of our faith. I grieve for the families of the young ladies, however I’m here to let you know that the man behind those bars is innocent. In our family Coley has always been our stronghold. We may be broken at this time, but you just know that we are gracefully broken. I proclaim my husband’s innocence and I’m here to be his voice and I can already tell you there’s an expiration date on all of this. I’m not afraid of the enemy, however the enemy might need to be afraid of me.”

Coley McCraney’s uncle, Orlando Williams, told WDHN News, “when I first….I didn’t believe…I still don’t believe that he’s guilty and we believe that God is going to change all this around and this case that is going on now, I know that everyone is looking at it. However, God has the last say.”