DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Heidi Snell and her husband Billy Snell was a young couple with a child struggling financially, so 36 years ago they decided to sell Christmas trees.

“We had a lot set up on an empty gas station lot in Montgomery and I sold trees during the day and get home at 9:00 and get up and drive to Montgomery the next day we drive from Auburn,” Owner Heidi Snell said.

Eventually, the couple received a loan from the Auburn National Bank that allowed them to buy Holly Branch Tree Farm in Waverly, Alabama — just 17 mins away from Auburn.

“We sold every tree off that farm that first year, paid off the loan, helped pay for college we didn’t have insurance for our child so we paid off the hospital,” She said.

In ­­1990, the farm moved to Dothan where 31 years later its a family tradition selling Nobles and Douglas Fir trees along with Christmas wreaths.

The Snell family sells thousands of trees each year and it’s really just for the joy.

“When you see all the happy faces all the children, all the children’s children that used to come and pick up Christmas Trees from us it’s our way of keeping up with everybody,” Snell added.

However, the money made during the holiday season continues to pave a way for Billy and Heidi’s children’s education – one who’s currently at Auburn University.

“Well I’ve got another that’s fixing to graduate high school so we gotta pay for him too they were only a year apart and you know you gotta have a car, insurance, gotta have a cell phone you know you gotta keep up,” Snell said.

Holly Branch Farm is located in the lot next to CARE Animal Clinic on Highway 84.