DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Jim Holmes and his wife have been worried to death about Wesley Paul Hodge who wandered off from their home on Saturday.

The search didn’t begin until Monday morning, Dothan Police Department and Houston County Sheriffs’ office hit the ground running, and the Wiregrass Air Support Program took it to the skies to find Hodge.

“I ain’t had that much sleep I have eaten that much I been in and out these woods and when they said I found your dad it was a relief,” said Jim Holmes, Hodge’s stepson.

61-year-old Wesley Hodge walked away from his home on Parrish street Saturday when his stepson and his wife went out to grab lunch.

“I went over and asked the next-door neighbor and that’s when they said he saw him running across the yard here behind you with no shoes, shirt just a pair of shorts,” Holmes said.

Law enforcement found Hodge about 200 feet into the woods starving and dehydrated.

“When he comes out I could actually see his ribs they were like sticking up and he had dirt and mud all over him I guess where he took the pine needles and covered up so the mosquitoes won’t get him and stay warm,” He said.

Initially, Holmes was frustrated that action wasn’t taken much sooner, but overall he’s satisfied that his father is still alive. If the search took any longer, it could have been a different outcome.

“The ones that performed today did an outstanding job and I want everybody to know there are still good cops out there they ain’t all bad brother,” He added.