ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Aaron Vinson was last seen on July 4th, but hasn’t been seen since.

Vinson is about 5’7 tall and weighs about 160 pounds.

The missing man’s last known location was outside of Headland.

His family is just trying to make sure Aaron is safe:

“We just want to get in contact with him to make sure he is okay,” Aaron’s brother Alex Vinson said. “My mom, my sister, and me are all worried sick about about him. We just want to make sure he is okay.”

Vinson’s brother does tell us that Aaron didn’t stay in one place for a long time and would often travel from Headland to Dothan.

They also say that it was not uncommon to not hear from him for a period of time, but they began to worry when weeks turned into months.

“I got to thinking about it and I didn’t see the activity from his Facebook, didn’t hear from, didn’t call needing anything, I just really began to get concerned because that’s just really not like him,” Vinson said.

His brother also provided some details that may help someone identify Aaron Vinson.

“My brother does walk a lot everywhere he goes, usually carries quite a few bags with him. He does have numerous tattoos some located across his back,” Vinson said.

The family also tells me that he has a good heart and hope that he is able to make contact with their son, brother, and friend.