DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Developing the east side of Dothan has been on the priority list for at least six years which is when the Highway 84 East corridor study was introduced.

Since then, the city has continued and come up with more studies that will benefit the area and a few of the developments came to fruition recently.

“The healthcare authority has their med park that’s growing well, the ACOM trail that is connecting and going to connect all the way to the downtown area, we’re spending money on front of the Dothan cemetery that will connect part of that trail and beautify the cemetery there,” Mayor Saliba said.

Mayor Saliba said in 2021, there were 99 projects in the city of Dothan whether it consisted of relocating, expanding, or welcoming new businesses. The latest project the city is welcoming is the new FedEx facility which will be located in Sam Houston Industrial Park– another sign of east side growth.

“The unfortunate part about that is once FedEx gone in there and the spec building we don’t have a lot of land left and we are on the hunt for more industrial properties,” Mayor Saliba said.

He said the city and the chamber of commerce are working together and they have some prospects in mind that could attract more residents.

“Retail, restaurants, multifamily living we have a shortage of apartments people have a hard time finding a nice place to live,” He said.

Mayor Saliba the plan is to grow all of Dothan and not just one side. He hopes they will take a look at the south side in the future.