Felicia Lane of Samson is denied parole for manslaughter


SAMSON, Ala. (WDHN)—The Alabama Department of Pardons and Paroles “denied” parole this week for a Samson woman who
fatally stabbed her boyfriend nearly a decade ago.

The killing remains “vivid” for neighbors “and” law enforcement in Western Geneva County.

Following an argument on December 28th, 2013, Felicia Lane used a steak knife to stab Edward Andrews in the chest in the duplex that they shared on South Bay Street in Samson. After being stabbed in the kitchen, the victim staggered out of the residence and collapsed in the front yard where he would be pronounced “dead”.

Chief Hill says he’s glad the state decided not to give lane an “Early release”. Initially, she was charged with murder. But, she would later cope a “Plea” to manslaughter and is serving a 20-year-sentence at Tutwiler state prison.

Samson Police Chief Jimmy Hill says
“other places where they have a murder and get 10 years, so what is that telling the people you know.”

A Samson woman who says she knows the defendant quite well says the lady has served her time and it’s time for her release.

A relative of Felica Lane who wishes to remain anonymous says
“she’s a nice lady who has complications like everybody else that we all go through problems, but she’s been gone for such a long time. I think she should be like everybody else, given a second chance.”

Authorities say before the fatal stabbing. The couple did have a history of domestic-related issues.

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