DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — This evening, more than a thousand people met at the Westgate soccer fields to hear gospel, music, and testimonies from people young and old.

This event has been going on for more than 10 years now, and it keeps on growing.

“We started this 14 years ago. 100 people met at that time behind Dothan high and it has grown up to 25 hundred in the past several years,” Fellowship of Christian Athletes Area Representative, Mike Phares said.

Events like this allow for people who may not quite feel comfortable in smaller, more personal, settings to come out of their comfort zone and be around people who care.

“I think events like this bring in people who don’t go to church or don’t feel comfortable talking about God all of the time,” event attendee Maya Brown said. “They can come here and be in a community with everyone who they know is going to worship God together and I think it really helps their faith.”

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, it has actually brought people together, even if they had to spread out just a little bit more.

“We just spread out last year and offered masks,” Phares said. “We had 1,383 come and 227 surrendered their life to Christ. And we were like, we need to go ahead and have this and if one kid makes the decision for Christ, it’s worth it.”

“At first it was really tough,” said Brown. “But I think it has made us stronger. It has brought us closer together, it has made us think of ways to continue to worship God. It has made us find ways to get closer to God even when we could be together. It was at this event four years ago when I decided to get baptized so I think it is really good for everyone.”