DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Dothan’s first black commissioner died at age 98, Saturday.

John Glanton, Jr made Dothan history in the 1970s as the first black commissioner. He then became the longest-serving commissioner in city history.

Current Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba says he remembers the genuine friendship between his father and former mayor, Alfred Saliba, and John Glanton.

Their friendship was built on a mutual drive to serve the city of Dothan.

As a home builder and a man willing to serve his community, Glanton’s legacy will not be forgotten by past or future leadership within the city of Dothan.

“John Glanton was cared for and liked by everybody regardless of whether they were black or white,” Mayor Mark Saliba said. “His legacy was that but more I think. His legacy was based on just being a really good man of high integrity.”

Saliba also says that on behalf of the city commission, they are grateful for the work Glanton did for Dothan and that they continue to build on the work he accomplished today.