OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) – Ozark will soon introduce its first curbside recycling program in just a month.

Recyclops is an organization that brings recycling to communities that have not had access to recycling before.  Their mission is to bring sustainable lifestyle solutions to all, regardless of where you live, according to their website.

Recyclops is a company that operates like Uber. They contact local drivers to use their own vehicles to collect curbside recycling every other week and transport it to the nearest recycling sorting center.

Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Dennis Wise said recycling is an important part of any community.

“I mean every day you see headlines about what’s going on in our world and recycling is a positive impact in lessening our carbon footprint and also, of course keeping things out of the land fields and out of our oceans,” Wise said.

Recyclops requires 100 residents to sign up in order to bring its services to Ozark. Due to so many residents that have already signed up, they have planned a start date around the second week of July.

To receive the services, subscribe to their services using this link.