DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Dothan takes pride in its art especially if you take a look around the downtown area – a home to several murals.

“We do have a lot of great art here we are known as mural city and we thought it was time to get some art and a festival going again,” Organizer Claire Necessary said.

Necessary partnered with Live At The Opera to bring the first-ever Loop Music and Art Festival to downtown Dothan – hundreds of art lovers in the Dothan area coming out to paint foster street.

“It’s a great day out here and to hang out together and to see the art it’s a lot of great art out here and we’re here to people watch,” Jennifer Morgan and Sharon Kelly said.

Thomas Colvin, a Dothan native, is just one of the 30 artists that set up shop to display the portraits he painted by using a toothbrush.

“The visual appeal is definitely there a lot of people see this and they come over and they start looking around and they see one on the outside and then wanna come in here the response has been great,” Colvin said.

But Colvin hopes the energy will spill into future years — he’s been a part of several festivals around the state but usually, they will only last for two years.

“We just wanted to bring something to the area and hopefully this is not the first and last time we want to have this on an annual basis,” Necessary said.

“Hopefully, this paints a picture in downtown, particularly in context with everything going on with the downtown redevelopment here in the next couple of years,” Co-founder Scott Parsons said.

Necessary and Parsons would like to thank other partners that made this event a success.