(WDHN) — Tkisha Terry has been extremely worried for the past two weeks for her younger sister Shauna to return home. She received gut-wrenching news Saturday morning that sadly that won’t happen.

“This is a very horrific troubled passing it’s just unbelievable we can’t believe it,” Terry said.

Bell and Terry were last seen leaving a motel on Montgomery highway on July 8th and three days later a missing report was filed with the Dothan Police Department.

After a couple of weeks, the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office received information from the Dothan Police Department that prompted them to search private property on Long Round Bay Road in Bonifay, and unfortunately, that’s where they found the bodies of Bell and Terry.

“She did live a different lifestyle than normal of course but overall she was a human being, a Godly woman and mother, and no human being deserved to be murdered,” Terry said. “I just can’t imagine someone doing this to another human being,” She cried.

So far, Sheena Marie Thurman, 35, of Bonifay has been charged with murder — one count from Holmes County Sheriff’s Office and another count from Dothan Police.

According to DPD, three other people of interest were taken into custody on Dutch Street in Dothan Friday night.

“Everyone that took place that was involved I just have mercy on they soul and I want them to be prosecuted,” Terry added.

Law enforcement says the murder investigation is in the early stages and more arrests are forthcoming.