ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — In a follow-up to a story WDHN aired earlier this week, we have received just under 80,000 social media responses in regard to home school student, Jacob Barbaccia being told he could no longer be part of the Enterprise High School Band:

On Thursday, Jacob and his dad, John Barbaccia, created an online petition asking that band students be covered by the ‘Tim Tebow rule.’

The ‘Tim Tebow rule’ has been approved by 30 states and allows home school students to participate in sports, but does not include band or most extra-curricular activities.

“Everybody else I don’t even know is caring so much about this, and I’m just happy to get awareness for a good cause, and our home school people in the future will have the opportunities that the football players have,” Jacob Barbaccia said.

In just the first few hours the petition went online, Jacob says he has received more than 500 signatures in support of band members being covered by the ‘Tebow rule.’