Football fanatic reacts to SEC’s conference-only schedule


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — SEC College Football is huge in the south during the fall and with the coronavirus, in full effect, it had football fanatics minds worrying if there would even be a season.

“There’s a lot of people their identity is attached to their college football team and people gonna say that’s good or bad but look their Saturdays they build their falls around that so what would people do in the south if they didn’t have it? Because look Florida have pro football teams and I believe the NFL will play but Alabama and Mississippi. There’s states in the SEC in the south we don’t have that,” said Phillip Jordan, a local college football podcaster.

Now, there’s a sigh of relief as college football will be played. However, it will be a little different in efforts to curve COVID-19. Like the PAC-12 and Big Ten, the SEC announced they will be moving to a 10 game conference only schedule where teams will play their eight scheduled s-e-c opponents and two opponents from their cross-division rotation.

“It’s gonna be interesting to me how the SEC overall is gonna decide who everybody plays now is it gonna be who’s in the rotation next and I think if that’s true, Alabama will play Vanderbilt and Auburn would play South Carolina and Missouri or they do more to make a balanced schedule so it’ll be interesting there. Now, what are the other two matchups each team is gonna get?” Jordan said.

With the conference sticking to just conference games, some of the well known out of conference rivalries that have been a staple in college football will not be happening.

“Especially Georgia and Georgia Tech ‘Old Fahsion Hate’ I think that’s what they call it and the ‘Sunshine Showdown’ between Florida and Florida State you’re used to see those matchups. Not seeing that is gonna be weird but this is a different year, so I would think next year if we can get some semblance of normal we may not ever see our same normal again. But, those matchups will come back but for this one year its just not gonna be there,” Jordan added.

Jordan says with the conference only schedule is going to be interesting to watch especially when it comes down to the SEC Championship which is also pushed back to a later date.

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