DALEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — Fort Rucker Public Safety officials were worrisome after a 911 dispatcher, who they say is dedicated, dependent and always showing up to work before he’s supposed to didn’t make it to work for his 6 a.m. shift.

“His supervisor became concerned almost immediately he started calling friends, other co-workers, and his brother just to make sure his brother and no one had heard from him,” Fort Rucker Deputy Director Marcel Dumais said.

Including a visit to his home — where they didn’t find him nor his car.

That’s because he was in a serious single-car crash at the intersection of Highway 27 North and Highway 52 near the Choctawhatchee bridge in Geneva.

After many times of trying to make contact with him, it raised red flags, so they took it an extra step and got in touch with his cellphone carrier in an effort to track his location.

“This provider did help us out they was able to provide us with a last known location of the phone because his battery had went dead earlier that morning, so what they gave us was a general location down in Geneva,” Dumais said.

And when law enforcement responded, they found him deep into the woods.

Deputy director marcel Dumais says it’s ironic – the dispatcher is usually on the other side of car accidents like this one, but this time it was him needing to be rescued.

He says Fort Rucker is more than just what you know it as — the flight school and army base — but they are family and this is a demonstration they will go out of their way for closure no matter the outcome.

They say this is a great outcome considering what the alternative could have been.

“He’s loved by everyone here so everyone was concerned and I think it was a sigh of relief and we can just keep him in our thoughts and prayers,” He said.

The employee remains in critical condition.