Fort Rucker Sixth Military Police named the best detachment for TRADOC


FORT RUCKER, Ala. (WDHN) — Created in 1985 the Brigadier General David H. Stem award is a unit trophy awarded annually to the best military police unit in the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command.

For the first time, Fort Rucker’s Sixth Military Police Detachment won.

“It gave us an opportunity to show what our military police soldiers do day in (and) day out in support of TRADOC,” said 6th Military Police Detachment Commander, Captian Robert Berchild. “Based off metrics, based off of, you know, some of our training efforts they selected a winner. So, they had a board and they convene, they look at our packets and then they select us as a winner.”

One detachment member, who put the packet together, said getting recognition is amazing.

“At first, it was definitely intimidating, it really was,” Staff Sergeant Samantha Melanson said. “When I started breaking it down into categories, and I saw how much this unit has actually done, it actually came along very smoothly and it got easier the farther I went along.”

As TRADOC’s nominee, the unit is now under consideration for the Brigadier General Jeremiah P. Holland award, which is awarded to the all-around best m-p unit of company-size or smaller.

“Now we’re at the big army level, so we will compete against the best detachments across the army,” Berchild said. “I think there’s nine of us (that) will be in the final competition against each other. If we’re selected there then we would officially be recognized as the best detachment across the entire army and not just TRADOC.”

The final submissions are due on November 15, and by mid-December, the detachment will know if they were selected.

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