ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN)—Tuesday morning, vehicles formed two lines in the parking lot near the Enterprise State Community College gym.

If you have health insurance, they’ll take that information. But if you don’t have insurance the test is “free”.

With skyrocketing Ominicron variant numbers, a New Orleans-based contractor is conducting the “saliva tests”.

Health Screenings Solution owner, Scott Crompton, says “we use the Yale, saliva direct test. We find that people are less apprehensive about it than they are about the swab.
Nobody likes being swabbed. It’s very similar to what we saw last year. And with the new variants that are out, aren’t we on our second variant already. So I think it gives people peace of mind to get tested. Testing is key and it slows the spread of the virus.”

For one Enterprise resident along with his family, this was a perfect opportunity to get tested, especially after showing symptoms of COVID.

Eric Brown says “yes, I think it’s helpful, very convenient instead of waiting at the hospital, emergency rooms. We come in with our cars and do what we have to do.
And get the results within 24 hours.”

Local and state health officials are trying to get a handle on the numbers of those
testing positive for “Covid”. This testing facility on the E.S.C.C. Campus is open for “everyone”. It’s not just limited to
Coffee County residents, anyone with “cold-like” systems are encouraged to get “tested” to make sure they
know if they’re carrying the illness.

Coffee County EOC Director, James Brown says “it’s very important that we know how many people are being infected within the community so we can keep track of that and we know where our hospitalizations are possibly going.”

The results of the test are expected within 24-to-36 hours after being taken.

The testing takes place Monday through Friday from eight in the morning till five o’clock in the afternoon.