Fort Novosel held its annual Memorial Day Commemoration ceremony.

The Army Aviation Center Of Excellence and the Fort Novosel Commanding General Major Gen. Michael McCurry laid a memorial wreath to pause and reflect on the nation’s fallen soldiers.

One of many soldiers being remembered during the ceremony was Private First Class John Brown — a Troy native who was with the 101st Airborne Division and 44th Air Defense Artillery out of Fort Campbell.

He was killed in an explosion in Iraq in April 2003 six weeks after his unit was deployed.

For his parents at the ceremony, this is their 20th year without their son and they say it doesn’t get easier.

“It’s something that we do not only for his honor but some of the others who died for this country but is an honor to pay tribute,” Brown said.

The Brown’s want those to remember what it’s all about this weekend. to celebrate those who have sacrificed to give us freedom today.