DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Earlier this year, social distancing mandates were being recalled.

Now, with the Delta variant, the mandates are coming back, and in some cases, with more restrictions.

Some businesses had to close their doors temporarily back in 2020, and the same goes for Fun Zone Skate Center here in Dothan.

They have been diligent in keeping everyone safe, by following mandates imposed by the state and the CDC.

“Really encouraging our customers to wear their mask, even if they are vaccinated,” Manager of Fun Zone Skate Center, Courtney Nand said. “After each customer, we sanitize everything, we maintain that six-foot distance between people on the benches out there and in the dining area.”

Nand says they don’t usually have problems with people maintaining social distancing, and most customers follow the rules as posted.

“A good amount of the customers coming in are already wearing masks,” Nand said. “And then the ones we do ask or suggest it to them, they are very quick to pull out a mask or pull their masks back up. And they do the same for their children as well.”

If infection rates continue like they are, and mask mandates and social distancing become reinstated. The people at Fun Zone don’t want to close their doors, but they said they will do what they have to to keep everyone as safe as possible

“Capacity rules might start come back into play,” said Nand. “Require masks, require people to get sanitized, possible temperature screenings at the door. I think that would really help us out a lot with limiting who comes in here carrying what. That way we can still keep a safe fun happy environment for families.”