Future of Henry County economic development on the rise


HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — For some, 2021 is starting to feel like Déjà Vu as Delta variant cases rise, much like last year with the first COVID outbreaks.

This has caused many counties, like Henry County to be in need of funds and community help. Something Probate Judge Henry Money said would be allocated among several areas.

“To Henry County, it was $300,000, using it kinda in three different areas, the county is getting some use out of it, the City of Abbeville and the City of Headland,” Money said.

This comes from a Community Development Block Grant provided by the state. He explained the plans to economically build up Henry County.

Money says updating their Annex Building, a hub for several offices like their emergency management department is very much needed.

“We’re making it more secure, we’re putting in and compliant restrooms, couple of offices cause the courthouse is overcrowded,” Money said.

The funds with also go along with buying emergency response equipment, revamping floors at the Abbeville Boys and Girls club and Headland using their money for an afterschool program.

Money said this is putting their economic development on the fast track and is expecting to create several jobs for the community.

“We’re probably looking at 40-50 jobs,” Money said. “Ranging from $12-$14 an hour to $20 an hour.”

Between COVID and this economic growth, Henry County workers have been busier than normal.

“In those eight and a half years, I have never ever seen it close to being busy as it is now, a lot of things going on,” Money added.

Overall, the funds are being used in the right, much needed places and will benefit the county residents substantially.

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