Gas prices continue to rise in Alabama


(WIAT) — If you’ve driven around town, you’ve likely seen that gas prices are continuing to go up in Alabama.

Right now, the average price for a gallon of gas here in Alabama is $2.49. That’s 10 cents more than it was just last week. According to AAA, the demand for gas typically peaks around spring and summer.

With so many of us cooped up because of the pandemic and winter weather, rising prices at the pump won’t stop us from hitting the road.

“Our numbers are definitely way up compared to last year when virtually nobody traveled or went anywhere,” said Clay Ingram with AAA. “Their numbers are not quite as high as they were for 2019, the year before COVID, but much higher than they were from 2020.”

As gas prices rise, AAA encourages drivers to more aware when filling up. This means not just going to the gas station closest to you, but one that is most affordable.

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