GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN)—Neighborhood Watch” is considered a successful “Proactive” crime-fighting tool nationwide.

And since taking office nearly eight years ago, geneva county sheriff tony helms has been a “Strong proponent” of
“Neighborhood watch”.

Gerald Evans and his watchdog, bandit, are “active” in the Chancellor Community neighborhood watch program.

Chancellor is one of seven such watch programs across Geneva County. Evans, who is a Vietnam
War veteran, says it’s time for citizens to watch out for their neighbors. And not to become
victims of the “bad guys”.

Evans says “crime has cut down a lot, not all the crime. There’s a lot of drugs coming into Chancellor and Bellwood. We can’t stop that, we’re not law enforcement, we’re neighborhood watch. We don’t carry badges.”

“With more than 550 miles to patrol, Sheriff Tony Helms says with a small department, he can definitely use the extra eyes looking out for the bad guy.

“The biggest thing is just raising the awareness in your community and raising the awareness and getting people to start looking and getting involved in their community
In what’s going on.

Evans says “That’s right we’re making a difference and letting people see us out there. So if they want to get their hands nasty, we can help them.”

Neighborhood watch volunteers say it’s important for citizens to keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles
and individuals. Those who suspect possible wrongdoing should contact their nearest law enforcement agency