Geneva County Mayors ask commission to use federal COVID funds to purchase ambulances


GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN) — The mayors from Geneva County’s four largest cities spoked on Tuesday at the county commission meeting.

With the combination of 500 miles of dirt roads and the onslaught of COVID cases, the mayors are requesting that the county use American Rescue Plan funding to purchase new ambulances.

“The majority of our runs are out in the county on dirt roads,” Samson Mayor Clay King said. “As you know, those ambulances are really not designed to travel on dirt roads.”

At the Geneva County Commission, Samson Mayor Clay King was joined by the mayors of Slocomb, Hartford, and Geneva.

Following a year-and-a-half of transporting COVID patients to hospitals across the southeast, the mayors say their ambulances are basically worn out.

The officials told WDHN News that most of the patients have been outside their jurisdiction in Geneva County. They feel the county commission needs to ‘step to the plate’ and pay it’s fair share.

“We knew we wouldn’t get just a lump sum of say here’s a $100,000 dollars in cash,” Slocomb Mayor Rob Hinson said. “I don’t think anyone expects that, but anything like that with equipment would be very, very helpful.”

Several of the mayors in Geneva County say they simply don’t have the funds to replace those worn-out ambulances but feel Geneva County’s American Rescue Plan funding could do that, according to Hartford Mayor Neil Strickland.

“If the funding is out there for our four cities then we’re 100 percent for it,” Hartford Mayor Neil Strickland said. “And we expect them to get that for us. If it’s out there we need to get that to make sure we fund our EMS.”

Commission Chairman Toby Seay says the board will look at the possibility of purchasing ambulances for
the county’s largest cities with the federal COVID-19 funding.

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