GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN) — Over the weekend, a two-vehicle wreck happened at the intersection of Highway 52 and County Road 65 also known as Sandy Creek intersection between Geneva and Samson.

“It’s an area that has a lot of traffic on it 52 periodically has a lot of traffic and anybody coming up from the intersection that plans to cross or whatever it can be a little hairy right there,” Sheriff Tony Helms said.

And that’s due to the crest of a hill coming from Geneva towards Samson, and Sheriff Helms said due to drivers speeding and not paying attention, it makes for a dangerous situation.

Helms said there are some bad intersections around Geneva County and the junction that sticks out to him is Highway 103 and 49 in Fadette, which has been the reason for many accidents in the past, but that problem seems to be resolved.

As for Sandy Creek intersection, it’s normally not a hotspot for wrecks, he says making adjustments to the intersection is in the hands of the state’s department of transportation.

“And if they start seeing a high number or huge number in a short period of time, they will start looking at other alternatives but that’s the reason we have the caution light in that area,” He said.

Helms shared a simple message for those who commute through the area regularly.

“Remember the rules of the road, have a little courtesy try to watch out for the other guy, but like I say, slow down and pay attention.” He added.