SAMSON, Ala. (WDHN) — A Geneva County student has been named as a national merit finalist.

The Geneva County Board of Education honored Davis McKenzie with a special award as he is the first national merit finalist to represent the county.

Mckenzie is a scholar he took the PSAT as a junior and passed with an overachieving score and made a 35 on his ACT.

Over 1 million students start the National Merit application process and then that number is narrowed down to 15,000 and Davis made the cut.

School superintendent Becky Birdsong said this honor sets a great example for other students.

“To me, this speaks to the instruction that goes on in our classroom and the commitment on the part of the student Davis and his parents for him to do well in school and make good grades and make it a priority,” She said. “I hope we have one or two every year I would love to honor kids.”

Mckenzie will be heading to auburn university in the fall.