DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — As restaurants reopen their dining rooms, many customers are starting to trickle back into booths and tables.

That’s why one man has made it his mission to visit as many Wiregrass restaurants as he can and give you an inside scoop on all the best noms.

Jesse Brown is what you could call a Wiregrass foodie.

“The people don’t want to eat the weird stuff,” Brown said. “I always end up eating the weird stuff.”

He’s putting that skill to good use. Two months ago he created a social media platform dedicated to Wiregrass cuisine.

“People were talking about COVID and politics online so much and it was so much negativity,” Brown said. “I said no. I cancelled all that and we just started filming food.”

And that’s when Wiregrass Noms was born.

Every week, on what he calls Tasty Tuesday, Jesse publishes a one minute-long video that features different dishes. So far he’s gone to 20 local eateries.

“I call it like a positive tour of the restaurant and not a review or critique,” Brown said. “I might not tell you how delicious it is if it’s not, but if it’s good, I’m going to let you know.”

Jesse’s positive tours are starting to attract attention. Over 1,000 people have liked Wiregrass Noms on Facebook, his videos have garnered thousands of views, and, most recently, Wiregrass Noms was featured in “The Local.”

“This paper just shows all the things local and I’ve been picking it up and following it for a long time so to be in it was pretty cool,” Brown said.

Jesse says it’s a win-win for him, businesses, and viewers. While he enjoys good food, businesses get recognition, and viewers get a free tour. Plus, now Wiregrass Noms has an official goal.

“At the end of the year I hope to have 52 videos in 52 weeks,” Brown said. “Then we’ll just keep rolling from there.”

Have a place you want Jesse to try? Message him via Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.