Global chip shortage leaving car dealership lots in short supply


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — If you ride by Bondy’s Ford on Ross Clark Circle next to the Wiregrass Commons Mall, you may notice the scarce amount of cars on the lot.

According to social media, some thought the car dealership was relocating.

“Well I’ll assure you we’re not going anywhere we been here for 50 years and planning to be here a lot longer. Obviously, our lot is very empty we have a global microchip shortage going on,” General Manager Dan Buchanan said.

The chip shortage started at the beginning of the pandemic when there was an increase in demand for personal electronics because of people spending time at home which made it difficult for the auto industry.

Also, a plant fire in japan that makes the microchips contributed to the chaos.

“People don’t realize that microchips power basically everything, led lightbulbs have a microchip in em, your average automobile have a thousand microchips in it,” Buchanan said.

General manager Dan Buchanan says they have a fair share of used cars but when it comes to new cars they have about 15. He says if you’re looking to purchase a new car, stop by the dealership and talk to a salesman because they may have what you’re eyeing on the next shipment.

He says most of the time, the cars are pre-sold before they arrive at the dealership.

“If I sell a 100 a month and get 100 in and had a full lot then the lot would look fill. But to get my lot looing full I would need 150 coming in to build back up,” He said. “It’s probably gonna be the late fall, Christmas, beginning of the year before we see the lot get full again.”

Buchannon says the used car market is on fire so if you’re looking to trade — the time is now.

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