With the holidays fast approaching, some organizations are making sure that those less fortunate are taken care of and not forgotten during these times.

Early Sunday, Good News Ministries was giving out plates of Thanksgiving meals to anyone that needed it.

While most non-profits will be giving out Thanksgiving plates next week, Good News Ministries wanted to make sure that locals down on their luck were taken care of the week before thanksgiving, and not just the week of.

“Dothan is unique in that situation, most of the non-profits and the churches, we work together, and kind of tier it out. As a fact we had Chef Kym and Orran Scruggs, they did one on the fifteenth. And they took food to senior citizens, things of that nature. So we try to tier it out, work with everybody so during this whole week somebody’s getting- feeding,… Somebody’s feeding every day,” said son of Good News Ministries pastor Derrick Oliver.

Good News Ministries gives out food every Sunday to anyone that needs a plate, not just those that are homeless. They say they just want to make sure people in the community know that they have a place they can eat with no judgement.

“They come, they get, and they leave and then they know that night, not only am I covered, but… Cause some people might come with four or five kids, and they- you know. Everybody who comes, gets it, there’s no questions asked. And so they know that that night they’re going to eat well,” Derrick Oliver also said.

They were expecting to feed close to 300 people earlier today, nearly double what they serve on most Sundays.

“Well to be honest, my moms dressing is probably going to pull people out more so than normal, cause when they know she’s making dressing the numbers kind of seem to spike a little bit during that time. Her dressing is amazing. So we normally do about a hundred, a hundred fifty, so we expect double on thanksgiving,” Oliver also said.