Being a good Samaritan sometimes turns sour, a lesson one local family learned the hard way.
After opening their home to a man in need on a cold night, Michael Redick and Brandy Creel awoke to a cold-hard truth, some people take advantage of a good heart.
The couple’s series of unfortunate events began at the Southview Square Winn-Dixie where they saw a hungry, homeless man and decided to take him in for the night.
“We told him he could sleep out in the shed, and we gave him blankets, and we fed him and that way he had a safe haven for a little while,” said Creel.
Going to bed that Thursday night with a full belly, warm blankets, and a happy heart, once homeless, Nathan Killingsworth, now had shelter
But the family woke up Friday morning in disbelief and devastation.
“Home is where your heart’s at, so we brought him here, opening up our hearts to him, and it’s very discouraging,” said Redick.
He had fled the shed and he did not go alone.
Taking with him their car full of $5,000 worth of tools, Redick’s cell phone, and two seven-week old puppies.
“My daughter, wife and myself, we all have jobs and he took the vessel that lets us all get by right now, so he took the one thing that means the most,” said Redick.
“It was definitely a shock and what was even more shocking was he seemed like such a nice guy,” said Creel.
After the shock wore off, they remembered he had used Michael’s phone, so they called Verizon and began to dig for answers.
“I did a little research myself, called the number that I didn’t recognize and got up with his brother who was very helpful,” said Redick.
His brother later called to say he had just seen Nathan which meant he had made it to the Florida panhandle.
Between the time of calling the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office and contacting Houston County Sheriff’s Office, Nathan had driven off with the car.
“He was actually arrested in Pensacola for stealing from a Walmart but they did not find the car and they did not find the puppies,” said Creel.
They have posted a warning to be on the lookout for the car as the search continues for the vehicle and the pups, but the family remains hopeful.
“I’m going to continue to try and help people and influence my family to do the same,” said Redick.
“I remember asking him ‘do you pray?’, and he said every day and I said ‘I do too,’ so I’m just going to continue to pray for him,” said Creel.