GORDON, Ala. (WDHN) — A past administration in the town of Gordon has left the town in a hole, leaving its finances in the red.

A sum of tax money was not paid to the state by past leadership and now the current mayor says Gordon is seeing the consequences of past actions.

“There’s money that didn’t get paid in from the town during the town of Gordon, that’s from 2016 to 2020,” Mayor of Gordon, Charles Dismukes said. “The taxes didn’t get paid and the state of Alabama has already gouged us over $7,000 they just took that out in one wop. That has left the town in the negative. We are trying to get this audit done so we can find out basically where the money went.”

Depending on revenue, most towns have an audit done every year or every other year. The town of Gordon hasn’t seen an audit in several.

After speaking with Houston County Commissioner, Curtis Harvey, the mayor of Gordon came before the commission to ask if they could provide the funds to pay for the town’s long overdue audit.

“We are so small we don’t have to do it every year, but in other towns, it is the law they do it every year and this wasn’t done so now we’ve got to audit all the way from 2017 forward,” Dismukes said.

Mayor Dismukes is hoping once the audit is complete Gordon can move on from their past and start new with transparent administration that cares deeply for the town.

“We don’t want to have a reputation and be all in the media all the time with things that are unethical. We just want to be like it was like it used to be,” Dismukes said.

In addition to getting clarity on where exactly those funds were spent, the audit could also bring legal action to those in the previous administration.

The Houston County Commission will vote on whether they will provide these funds to the town of Gordon in their next commission meeting.