DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Governor Kay Ivey’s State of the State Address last a little more than a half-hour….

During that time, the governor established her goals that she would like to see accomplished in the upcoming 2022 legislative session.

“The big thing is going to be budgeting the money. And the good thing is there is plenty of money t be budgeted,” Alabama Political Journalist, Steve Flowers said.

The state has 540 million dollars of AARP or COVID relief money.

According to Flowers, there could be a special session for allocation of these funds, alone.

That’s what some lawmakers are looking for.

“There’s only one common enemy. And that’s COVID-19. And all of us have to come together to defeat that particular enemy,” House Minority Leader, Anthony Daniels said.

“Dealing with childcare, housing, education, healthcare. All the things that people have really been feeling during the covid crisis,” Alabama House Representative for District 54, Neil Rafferty said.

After seeing the issues American schools had with the COVID pandemic, Governor Ivey plans to fix these issues.

“No doubt the COVID-19 pandemic shined a light on our country’s education system in many ways. Implementing the Alabama literacy act will be a must,” Governor Ivey said.

Her take on early childhood education received a standing ovation.

“We should pledge together that we will no longer accept the existence of a failing elementary school in our state,” said Governor Ivey.

One of the ways Governor Ivey plans to increase education in Alabama is to increase teacher pay throughout the state by 4 percent in hopes of increasing teacher retention and persuade more teachers to come to the state.

According to flowers, this is looking like a good possibility.

“The sales tax and income tax in Alabama has not been devastated like in other states and that’s where education dollars come from. And indeed you may see a pay increase for teachers this year,” Flowers said.