DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Alabama is ranked near the top of the list when it comes to workers, particularly Baby Boomers, leaving their jobs due to the great resignation – spurred by the pandemic.

“They either didn’t want to put up with any mask mandates or they didn’t want to subject themselves to be exposed to COVID, so they hang it up and play golf or go fishing whatever,” said Wes Crowley with Personnel Resources.

One of many companies who saw the great resignations up close was Dunbarton Corporation — a sheet metal manufacturer in Dothan that makes products like metal doors and other materials used in buildings.

The corporation believes they are making progress on the great resignation with a few recent hires, however, a challenge remains – labor participation — the rate around the state is around 50 percent.

“18-64 that are eligible to work but not on unemployment — only 48 percent of them are working so the challenge for us is how you can best attract and get those people back in the workforce,” Deanne Coleman said.

For Dunbarton, they are focusing on keeping the 150 employees they do have on board by showing appreciation because there are so many opportunities on the market to pursue.

If employees are not happy, they will leave,” Crowley said. “Make sure they are meeting with them every 90 days to make sure they are satisfied in the role they are in, do they need more training or a particular shift.”