DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The candy buckets are filling up for this Halloween weekend. Warewolf howls can be heard in the distance, and the candy is properly sealed for young people for trick-or-treating.

Safety is the key ingredient to a great Halloween. It’s especially key when it involves younger trick-or-treaters.

“Halloween is more gathered together with friends and others,” Houston County Sheriff Donald Valenza said. “Stay in well-lit areas when you trick or treat. Do not go in the house. If there are people they usually greet you at the front door but do not go in the house.”

Sheriff Valenza also encourages parents to check the candy that their children receive, make sure the wrapping is properly sealed and has not been tampered with.

Be spooky, but better yet be safe.

“Best probably start around six and stop at around nine,” Sheriff Valenza said.

After Halloween, this weekend comes the National Peanut Festival. Tickets are being purchased as people take on the festival fairgrounds.

Following last year’s absence due to COVID, the 2021 Peanut Festival gets underway next weekend.

The festival draws in people from all around the Southeast.

“There is going to be a lot of people. We have missing children booths. Try not to let them drift off, if they get on rides, keep them together,” Sheriff Valenza said.

Sheriff Valenza recommends if you are going to the Peanut Festival with younger children, that you may want to have them all wear matching shirts that are brightly colored. So that if something does happen, you can give law enforcement an accurate clothing description.

“If you have any problems please feel free to call 911,” Sheriff Valenza said. “Call the sheriff’s office, call the Dothan Police Department, or whichever municipality you are in. Please call us if you have any issues at all.”