HARTFORD, Ala. (WDHN)—With 2021 quickly drawing to a “close”, Hartford Mayor Neil Strickland is reflecting on his first full year as mayor.

During this year, the city has gotten several long-planned infrastructure projects underway, and the city’s approximately
70 employees have seen a pay raise.

In the summer of 2020, Strickland was elected mayor of his hometown. In November of that year, he was sworn into office.

Since then, the mayor has been quite busy. The city is in the process of building a “new” outflow line to its sewage treatment lagoon. Hartford owns its utilities, and the mayor would like to see its electrical system modernized.

Mayor Strickland says “like I say we came out of the gate taking care of things that were on the verge of being taken care of, but we have done the second step. A lot of things we are doing are not only to benefit the citizens of Hartford but also benefit the plans so far.”

And mayor Strickland says several personnel changes as far as department heads have also made a positive influence on the city.

Last summer, Dothan firefighter Phillip Herring was appointed the chief of Hartford’s fire rescue. In addition, the city council approved across the board “pay increases” for the town’s 70-plus employees. The mayor says the “hike” was necessary for the workers to keep up with inflation, and maintain
their standard of living when compared to comparably sized cities in the wiregrass:

Mayor Strickland says “looked at our pay scales as far as city employees, giving them pay raises across the board. Concentrating on our fire rescue we have a great new fire chief. He’s done a fantastic job.”

Mayor Strickland is also looking at various state and federal grants, along with trying to acquire business and industry to
central Geneva County.