HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — Edward White grew up having a true love for the outdoors — he spent a lot of time hunting and fishing.

That was the motive to get him into farming — as he acquired some land to hunt, buy cattle, and row crops.

“I started in 1962 and I have been at it for a good while,” White said.

White grows cotton, peanuts, and small grains and he has a cattle operation. Farmers are price takers meaning they don’t set their price.

And with inflation reaching record numbers, the cost of raw materials and supplies is putting a damper on the farming industry.

“Fertilizer prices are over 100 percent higher, commodity prices are about 5 or 10 percent, cotton is a little better than that but peanuts are not,” White said.

He believes inflation is eventually going to be an equity eater which will limit the borrowing power for farmers with their bankers.

Right now, White is having to figure out how to use the raw materials he has wisely to break even or make a small profit.

He said inflation is like a two-edged sword.

“We cant add a fuel charge or freight charge and everybody that we do business with are adding those charges which are making our price go sky high and I don’t know who we are going to pass it on to,” He said.

White said he will continue farming no matter the issues in the economy.

“I’m going to put my trust in the lord and keep farming even if I got a dollar,” He added.