HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — The year started off hazy for the Headland Fire Department as Daniel Forrester, one of their firefighter paramedics, lost his father in a car crash and his mother and sisters were severely injured.

“Nobody expected this to happen nobody expected 2022 to start off this rough,” Ethyn Wilkerson said.

The crash happened on new years day evening about 17 miles south of Montgomery near the Sikes and Cohns mall. A woman driving a Hyundai Elantra was traveling the wrong way on u.S highway 231 when she collided with a Honda SUV driven by Arnold Forrester with his wife and two daughters.

At the time of the accident, Daniel was on the clock at the headland fire department. His best friend then, immediately came to his rescue to drive him to Ramer Alabama where the crash happened to check on his family.

“He just kept talking about needing to be there for his mom and sisters, needing to be there for his family there was 100 different things going through his mind I’m sure but his main goal was to be there for his family,” Wilkerson said.

At the moment, Daniel is out of town looking after family, but the love and support for the Forrester family have been overwhelming from the Columbia community which his where his father owned a farm .

Headland Fire Department and the surrounding fire department are banding together to accept donations for unexpected expenses regarding the tragedy.

“It just shows the true brotherhood that the fire service is about there is no other profession that has the top knit bond that we have in this career,” He said.