Headland Harvest Festival to bring in $100K to the city


HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — Headland’s Harvest Festival is a yearly gathering that hasn’t been canceled in 50 years, despite the pandemic and at a street festival tonight it kicked off with the ‘Velcro Pygmies’ playing rock music.

“Tonight is our street dance. This is the second annual street dance that we have brought back,” Headland Area Chamber Executive Director, Adrienne Wilkins said. “It is a historic event that we have decided to have again. It is part of our harvest festival that is a 2-day event here in downtown headland.”

Though, Saturday is the day to look out for, as many more events for people of all ages will be taking place across town.

“Our arts and crafts festival on Saturday from 9 to three pm,” Wilkins said. “We also have a 5k run in the morning at 7:30 as well as a car show at 8 thirty in the morning.”

According to Wilkins, this event can raise upward of $100K on Saturday alone.

“We will see our revenues increase tremendously. And that results in a significant increase in our sales tax revenue,” said Wilkins.

Because they have so many safety measures in place to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, you can rest assured knowing you can be as safe as possible at the headland harvest festival.

“We assure people it is wide open. We have restroom trailers with running water. A lot of places you can wash your hands and stay clean and safe,” said Wilkins.

And while you are there, stop by one of the local shops in the area to help support headland even more.

“Check out our local businesses. Take the opportunities to walk around our square and check out our local restaurants, businesses,” Wilkins said. “These businesses help keep our city alive all year around. So just pay patronage to them.”

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