HENRY COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — What was once the Church of Abbeville is now rubble and ash after a fire left their building in ruins, leaving church members without a church home.

“I had just said a prayer in the cemetery with my dad and it wasn’t an hour and the flames started,” the church building owner, Sondra Hammonds said.

The Church of Abbeville has been in Sondra Hammonds’s family for as long as she can remember. She was just a young girl when her father built the building and started the church she has known her whole life.

That’s why seeing her church home in ruins is hard for her.

“I mean it was really sad, it was sad, I was crying, and I was upset in the beginning,” Hammonds said. “This church is home to me. I grew up with this church.”

“This church means a lot to me because it has been since her childbirth, that they built the church,” Sondra’s husband, Billy Hammonds said. “They’re the ones that founded it. So it has a lot of sentimental, it’s not just a church it’s home.”

Billy Hammonds was working in the church cemetery when he saw the church in flames and called 911, by the time first responders arrived at the scene the building was already swallowed in flames.

Despite the damage that is now left, Billy Hammonds says that this is all part of a bigger plan.

“God knows what he is doing, he will put our church back and we have faith in that,” Billy Hammonds said.

The Hammonds have plans to rebuild the Church of Abbeville and says that they hope to have a new building back up and running soon.

Even without a building, they say their church doors are always open to everyone.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation but no foul play is suspected. Stick with WDHN to provide you with all the latest updates.