HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — Henry County is already taking a step in the right direction.

Officials met with representatives from Alabama Power to learn about where their county stands in regards to broadband and what the possible next steps could be in the process.

“You know that’s the benefit of having a room as you do,” Alabama Power representative, Trey Hayes said. “But I think that’s the logical next step. Understanding where we are, where are gaps, and who are our proposed partners.”

It was also discovered that there could be a potential Achilles heel for counties and cities in the state that could slow down their race towards broadband expansion, as the current constitution language prohibits local governments from granting public money to any individual, association, or corporation.

This could potentially slow down partnerships between counties and internet providers.

“Counties being an arm of the state we can not give money to private corporations, so that’s kinda what we are looking at now,” Henry County Commission Chairman David Money said. “We’re trying to be innovative and look at different ways that we can kind of funnel that money through cities or entities to get that done.”

A push for legislation was made by Sonny Brasfield, who is the Executive Director of the Association of County Commissions of Alabama, for it possibly to be passed in may that would allow counties and cities to fully participate in broadband expansions, but the legislation will possibly not be voted on until November.

After discussing a couple of potential hurdles, they were able to talk about how to decrease the amount of time it may take to bring broadband to the Wiregrass.

“Our thought was that if we could look at holistically and look at the approach,” Alabama Power Community Relations Manager, David Norwood said. “Then as we go forward fill in the gaps and bring some partners then maybe we can move the ship a little faster.”

At the next meeting, Henry County officials will potentially bring in some partners to kickstart the process.