ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — For at least the past 9 years, Henry County Commission Chairman David Money had the idea of expanding the courthouse services due to the lack of space.

We didn’t have the funding we didn’t know what the option would be and about three years ago when covid hit and we had to space people out no room for records we looked at temporary storage facilities,” Money said.

Since then, the county commission was prepared to spend thousands of dollars building from the ground up or buying an existing building with the money they have saved or received from the Cares Act Refund.

At the end of last year, the Herndon family who owns Herndon Oil Corporation was in the process of selling their business, but after being aware of the county’s struggles, they decided to donate the two-story office building across the street from the courthouse.

“We will move some of the administrative offices over there we won’t move any of the court systems, state offices, it will all be county offices,” He said.

The move is beneficial for the county because now they can spend their funds renovating and addressing other county needs like roads and jail issues, and citizens will enjoy the additional parking at the new location which has been an issue.

Money said this is not out of the norm for the Herndon family they have always been supportive of their local government.

“For people who have done well in life and come back and share it with their hometown where they grew up, it just reinforces the goodness in people,” Money said.

Money hopes county employees will be moved into the new building by the summer of this year.