GENEVA COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — “I’m also pleased to announce two more rural counties with four-lane access in Geneva and Fayette county,” Gov. Ivey said.

Local politicians in Geneva County have been working towards getting money to widening Highway 52 to four lanes for about a year and a half.

“It was really great news and you know its really good to see the governor keep her commitment because when she ran for office, she said she wanted to try to provide four-lane access to rural counties in the state that did not have any four lanes highways so promise made promise kept,” Sen. Chesteen said.

The announcement just came out earlier this week so the details are limited but the project is funded by the Rebuild Alabama Act and ALDOT. The project will begin in Malvern and run all the way up into Hartford. State representative Jeff Sorrells says widening the lanes could lead to more businesses in the area.

“Highway 167 and Highway 52 intersecting here in Hartford and to be able to have a four-lane come through your area is tremendous for economic development because without the four-lane a lot of businesses will not come.

Speaking of businesses, a third building is in the process of being added to the industrial park, and in order for the region to keep growing its a must for adequate highways.

“We grow the region by improving our infrastructure making sure we have 4 lane access and the properties to develop and I think the Geneva County industrial park will provide that so we’re excited what the four lanes will do,” Sen. Chesteen said.