HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — After years of budget issues and mishandling of funds from previous administrations, the town of Gordon is one step closer to getting a vital financial audit. Local officials believe this could help the town get future funding but also bring prosecution to those responsible.

Houston County commissioners planned on paying those funds directly to the auditor but later found out that due to regulations. On Monday, they voted to change how that money gets to the town of Gordon.

“We later found out that we aren’t able to do that from both our auditors and the Attorney General’s Office,” Houston County Chairman, Mark Culver said. “We are going to ask the town of Gordon to pay for the audit and we will reimburse them.”

Instead of writing the town a check directly, Gordon will be responsible for paying the auditor, and then the Houston County Commission will reimburse the town the $16,500 needed for the audit. This audit will go through financial records from 2016 to 2020.

“This audit is important to them in order to get other funds for grants,” Culver said. “We feel like this needs to happen, it needs to move forward.”

The mayor of Gordon first went to the commission in late April asking for help with the audit, after the town didn’t have one down for years, making getting both state and federal grants more difficult if not impossible.

According to Culver, the commission doesn’t want to see the town fold. The goal of this audit is to help the town stand firm as it historically has.

“At the same time, the county’s in the state of Alabama aren’t here to bail out cities or municipalities either,” Culver said.

Houston County commissioners believe this audit will not only help move the town forward but also hold those former city officials accountable.