HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — After receiving a grant from the cares act, the Houston County Commission agreed to build a new facility that will store personal protective equipment supplies.

Recently, the commission rejected the bid for that building – as the price soared over their budget.

“We budgeted about $160,000 for that building we had a little over $100,000 left in that grant, the bids came in at about $520,000 so significantly over,” Commission Chairman Mark Culver said. “The commission just felt like we shouldn’t put in $400,000.”

Now, the commission is looking into alternatives that will help save the county’s pockets. Right now, the county is using its American Rescue Act funds to build a new facility on Ennis Road that will store equipment for the city and law enforcement.

And they hope to add space for the PPE supplies in those development plans.

“We believe talking to the engineers and others that we can put this additional square footage out there and it won’t impact anything and we think it would be less costly to do that,” Culver said.

Culver says the idea of the PPE facility came about during the peak of the pandemic when hospitals were overwhelmed and experiencing shortages

Although that’s, not the case now, he said the PPE facility being located in the new building will still serve as a benefit. Houston County is a regional stockpile for 10 counties for emergencies.

“We have to store supplies in case of another outbreak, we also have to provide plans for Farley, and other entities that emergency management has to deal with and this building will provide all of that,” He said.

The county will discuss more on this project next week.