Houston County Commission approves largest budget in history


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Monday morning, Houston County commissioners gathered for their regularly scheduled meeting and the main topic on the agenda was voting on the 2021-2022 budget.

After an in-depth presentation, commissioners agreed to approve the largest budget in Houston County.

“We were very careful when we were going through the budget process not to spend those one-time funds on things that we’re gonna be ongoing salaries, ongoing costs like building wise, things like that that are gonna have costs going on in the future,” Commission Chairman Mark Culver said.

The budget comes in at a little over $59 million dollars in expenditures which is a bump after last year’s $40 million. Commission Chairman Mark Culver says most of the money is COVID-19 relief funds and grant money such as Rebuild Alabama.

Culver says it’s a good budget and it will address a good number of needs.

“But this budget has some new vehicles in it for the sheriff’s department, it has new equipment for road and bridge and a plan to invest in some trucks for road and bridge so we can hopefully address some of the road issues we have been behind on,” Culver said.

One crucial need that has been expressed to the commission was more correction deputies for the Houston County Jail. However, that request was not approved at this time.

That’s one of the areas that we really wanna come back and look at we just didn’t wanna take that step initially especially with this one-time money,” He said. “Because when you hire an employee you cant go back and say that one-time money is gone and now we have to cut your job and we don’t wanna do that.”

Culver hopes they can revisit issues that were left out of the budget sometime later this year.

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