HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — After the number of COVID -19 cases and hospitalizations in Alabama hit the highest numbers a month ago now those numbers are in a steady decline.

Houston County Commissioner, Doug Sinquefield said he believes the decrease of COVID-19 numbers in the county is due to residents practicing CDC guidelines and getting vaccinated.

He said the county has seen an increase in vaccine distribution, which he said could be the cause of cases and hospitalizations going down.

“It’s also important to keep all of those things in mind as we continue to see the numbers decline,” Sinquefield said. “I think we will all feel a lot better about the future of the coronavirus that is out there.”

In the state of Alabama, there have been just over four million COVID-19 vaccines given out to date.

In Houston County, the number of COVID-19 vaccinations that have been administered sits at 83,921, with 36.5 percent of the population being completely vaccinated against COVID-19.

“As we continue to do so then we will continue to see those declines,” Sinquefield said. “We are still working with the CDC and the Houston County Health Department with keeping us informed of the numbers
and where they are.”

According to Sinquefield, it’s vitally important for not only the county but the whole state to continue the declining trend of COVID-19 numbers.

He said front-line workers can’t afford another surge of COVID-19.

“By being focus on where we are, keeping our guidelines in place, continue to do those, we will probably continue to see a reduction a decline in this virus,” Sinquefield said.

Sinquefield wants to not only encourage those in Houston County to continue to mask up and get their vaccine but everyone in the Wiregrass.