DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — While the offer to purchase the Houston County Farm Center was unexpected to some on Tuesday, the Houston County Commissioners saw this offer as a possibility.

“There were some discussions about the city possibly purchasing the farm center from us,” Houston County Commissioner Brandon Shoupe said.

The Houston County Commissioners tried to give the city several weeks to look at the farm center property to decide what they wanted to do with it and what they wanted to do with the 17% of the property they already own.

The timing of the proposed offer of $2.5 million by the city of Dothan today caught the county a little off guard, just a little.

“Not surprised that we are here, maybe surprised by the timing,” Shoupe said.

The Houston County Commission has not received the official offer from the city yet, but when it does, the commissioners will say they will also consider the proposal from the Brightwork Group out of Florida.

They’re known for all kinds of development, including retail, apartments, and even banks.

As the commission still weighs its options, commissioners say they’ll keep their initial goal in mind.

“Our goal was to do something with it and certainly this is a viable alternative, a viable option. I think we will have to look at the offer once we receive it and see where it goes.”

The timetable ahead is still unclear, the commission will discuss the city’s offer either in a commission meeting or a work session, though no time has been set yet.

There are still plenty of hoops to jump through.

“Nothing is ever a done deal in real estate until it’s signed on the dotted line and cash exchanges hands. that for sure hasn’t happened yet,” Shoupe said.

WDHN News reached out to the Brightwork Group, the other potential buyer on the farm center, on several occasions and is still awaiting a response.